Friday, May 16, 2014

A Day in the Life #BEDM

This is my first time doing a BEDM scheduled topic the same time as everyone else! I’m not sure if everyone is actually documenting today and putting it up at the end of the day, but I took my photos yesterday so I’d have it all ready today! Beware, I do not lead an exciting life.


1. Yesterday did not start off well. After a very bad night’s sleep and not feeling great, I was woken up by neighbours downstairs playing crappy dance music. I decided to cut my losses and get up. I browsed the internet for a bit, checking my emails and social media. I decided to go have some cereal for breakfast when lo and behold, the milk was finished! Of course it was. So I had some yoghurt instead in this pretty macron bowl.

2. After spending some time applying for jobs and ringing an agency (which did not go well, talk about awkward conversation), I decided to get ready and go out and about. I was looking to possibly apply for any jobs I saw in town and go to Jobs Centre so I decided to do my makeup to a) make me feel more confident and b) make a good first impression.

3. The weather was lovely yesterday, a bit cloudy but nice and warm. I saw these flowers growing out of a wall and just thought it looked so pretty, the contrast of the flowers and the brick wall.


4. While walking around and being very unsuccessful at finding any job leads, I spot this sign. This sign always makes me giggle whenever I see it, I don’t know why!

5. I did a spot of shopping, feeling very fed up and sorry for myself. Once I got home, cooled down and changed into a dress, I made myself some crumpets (Warbutons = the best!) and a Muller Corner yoghurt. And water, LOTS of water!

6. Tempted as I am to nap at this time, I decide to finish off the book I was reading, Cress by Marissa Meyer. With only 50 pages left, I finish it pretty quick and have a small nap (about 15 mins).


7. I decide that since it’s cooled down a bit and I want to cheer myself up (after the crappy day and feeling homesick), I decide to do some baking. I make myself a chocolate chip cinnamon banana bread. While it’s baking, I occupy myself by cleaning up the kitchen.

8. One hour later and the bread is ready! I let it cool for a bit, before cutting it and having a delicious slice.

9. I then try and decide what to do with my bare nails. As you can see, I have a lot to choose from! Once I’ve decided and find the polishes I want, I do my nails, which will be in another blog post soon.


10. Due to not having a microwave at the moment, I can’t cook dinner early as it can’t be heated up. So I decide to play some of Yoshi’s New Island on my 3DS while I wait for my boyfriend to come home. I only got the game 2 days before hand so it’s still only new to me.

Realistically, there should be another photo here, as I was talking to my brother on the phone for a bit. But I didn’t want to repeat that David Cameron on the phone meme! I also spend a bit of time talking to my boyfriend once he arrives home from work, talking about my day and my one piece of good news, that I got an email to do an assessment for a job application.

11. I cook a quick dinner of a chicken and veg stir fry with hoisin sauce and egg fried rice. I love hoisin sauce so much! Sometimes if I want to splash out a bit, I’ll batter the chicken pieces first. While I eat it, I watch some YouTube videos.

12. To unwind and start getting ready for bed, I decide to do a face mask for the first time in ages.


13 and 14. I decide to listen to some podcasts once in bed, the new Stuff You Should Know one was released today about How the Paleo Diet Works, I listen to a Freakonomics podcast (forgot the picture) and get half way through Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast on My Little Bronies before I find myself drifting off.

And that’s it! I wish it was a bit more interesting, I was so sleepy that I didn’t have the energy to do much else.


  1. That cake looks amazing! Good luck with the assessment, job seeking is not a good experience at all :( I love the 3ds, I have the original Yoshi's island and apparently it's pretty much the same thing as the new one so I didn't bother getting it.

    1. Oh it's so good! I'll definitely post the recipe up at some stage. Ya, job seeking can really take it out of you but got to keep going! Ya, I have the original Yoshi's Island on DS, not actually sure where it is, think my brother last it. This one is quite similar but I'm enjoying it. Plus I got it for free on Wow HD! Saved up vouchers from Irish Opinions surveys and got the game

  2. Awesome post! I give you props for remembering to take pictures through out the day! haha :) As you saw on my post, I forgot half way through the day. I really enjoyed reading your post!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I forgot once or twice but managed to keep on track. It is easy to let it slip your mind though!

  3. I have got to make that cinnamon chocolate chip banana bread. Is the recipe online?

    Oh and I agree with you that Warburtons crumpets are the best!

    How did the face mask work out for you?

    1. Recipe is a mix up of two I had read, I'll be posting it up at some stage and I'll let you know :)

      Oh I've made the mistake of getting other crumpets but they are not as good as Warbutons!!

      Yes, it was good, it was a heat mask from No 7 that I've had for a while and so I finished it off. Skin looked better today too


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