Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cloud Nail Art #BEDM

Day number 3 of Blog Every Day in May! And today is a nail look, inspired by Lynnie’s post on I actually did this back in Easter when the sun was out shining. I decided to skip the ice cream accent nail and do a completely sky with clouds look.


In direct sunlight


Products Used

Blue- MUA in Bold Blue

White- Barry M Nail Art Pen in White

In Lynnie’s tutorial (there’s a step-by-step guide in the link above), she uses a ballpoint pen (or you could use a dotting tool too) dibbed in the white nail varnish to create the clouds. I just found it easier, faster and less messy to use a nail art pen! If you leave some parts lighter than the rest, you to a nice faded effect around the edge and middle, which you can see in pictures above, adds a bit of texture to the clouds and makes them look a bit more realistic.

I love this look, I don’t usually go for a blue like that but I really like it. Next time I do this, I might even do a yellow sun on the index finger to brighten it up even more!

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