Saturday, May 10, 2014

White and Glitter Nails #BEDM

I got excited the other day when I saw swatches of the new Model’s Own Microdots over at Fundamentally Flawless. I just loved the look of them over white and matte. So much so that I decided to do something similar to tide me over until I can get Microdots!


White- Rimmel Rita Ora Collection in White Hot Love

Glitter- Model’s Own in Ibiza Mix

Matte coat- Essence

I really love this look, I think it would look nice too ultra glossy. I’m looking forward to the Model’s Own Microdots though as all the glitter pieces are the same size and it doesn’t look too glittery. I do love ‘polka dot’ top coats and I wish they came in more colours, the Microdots looks like a close enough thing to that. I’m also really loving this Rita Ora shade. I admit, I didn’t think I would but the fact it has a very subtle shimmer to it takes the edge of it looking like Tippex!

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