Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Being Adventurous #BEDM

I’m glad this was a topic for Blog Every Day in May because it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while. I’m not an adventurous person by nature, I’m a home bird and I’m pretty cautious. I don’t like spicy foods, not a huge fan of surprises, I generally like having a plan when going somewhere, I nearly always order the exact same thing at a takeaway. I’m quite safe. But I wasn’t always! I think pack to childhood and how I’d have no hesitation to climb a tree, to explore new areas, to hop on a skateboard or cycle with no hands. I used to close my gates and walk across the top and pretend I was a gymnast! The other week I scared myself half to death trying to stand on a table to fix the curtains! Basically, as I got older any sense of adventure or bravery just seemed to melt away. This is probably because it’s a by-product of growing older, becoming more aware of dangers and how to survive them.

But the past few years have seen me lose my sense of fear and assertiveness. A few months ago, I had a list of things I’m afraid or hesitant to do. Most are very mundane and ridiculous really, but I made an effort for a month to be a bit braver. And I did get about half the stuff crossed off the list! But then I kinda forgot and I’ve slipped back to my normal sense. So I’m going to make a pledge here to be a bit more brave.

1. Try and stop being so scared to make phone calls.

There’s almost nothing I hate doing more but ringing strangers. I know, sounds ridiculous, but it really makes me anxious and I have to plan what I’m going to say so I don’t sound stupid on the phone trying to find the words to say something. So I put it off and it makes me feel even more anxious. I’m going to try and nip that in the bud!

2. Be more brave with make up looks.

I never wear bold colours on my lips, in fact sometimes I just don’t wear anything. Though I have tons of different shades in my makeup bag. I’m really conscious of how small my lips are but I’m going to try take my cousins advice on this. When talking to her about her bold lipstick and why I don’t wear it, she said life is too short to give a damn and worry. And she’s right. So I’m wearing a bright shade this evening when I go to knitting group!

3. Stop being afraid to make bread

Ya, sounds ridiculous again but I’m so hesitant to make yeast breads as I’ve failed before and the whole process is daunting. But I need to realise that I won’t get any better if I don’t practice! Same goes for candy making and using sugar thermometers.

4. Stop being a wimp when it comes to food

Yes, I need to try some food I’ve never tried before. I have been better these past few years, especially compared to how fussy a child I was, but I still should try new things, especially seafood. But will I ever be able to order anything but a korma from an Indian?! Who knows, I am in love with kormas.

5. Be more crafty

I like crafting but because I’m not great at it, I hesitate as I don’t want to ruin perfectly nice materials! Which is crazy. I also hesitate because mine doesn’t turn out perfectly (case and point these bird magnets). I have a long list of Pinterest projects I want to try and that I’m going to try.

6. Go with the flow more

Be more willing to be fast and loose, to not have a plan. It can lead to fun things and new adventures.

To round this out, I do want to point out that I’m not a complete wimp! I have gone on many rollercoasters and rides despite not liking heights (something that always surprises my boyfriend as he doesn’t think it’s really ‘me’), I talk to strangers when out and about and I’m not afraid of it, I tried surfing 2 summers ago, I jumped off a huge height into the sea when exploring an island last summer, I put a snake around my shoulders despite being afraid of them and I used to going on adventures with friends, where we’d drive around exploring and finding new places. I suppose I just need to exercise my adventurous side more often!



  1. I'm the same when it comes to talking to strangers on the phone. I hate it and it makes me really nervous. Thank heavens for email!

    1. Ya, I know a few people who feel like that! Yes, emails are a blessing!


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