Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Shout Out #BEDM

This will be my second shout out during Blog Every Day in May, the first being the Beauty Vlogger post I did. This one I’m going to focus solely on bloggers I’ve discovered during BEDM, even though there are plenty more I love! Those other non BEDM ones can be found on my blog roll on the right.

Plastic Rosaries

This is the first BEDM blog I checked out. Beth mainly writes a lot of book reviews and literary blog posts (which, as you can guess, is something I love!) but there are other fun posts as well. I love how she has a list of reviews based on the authors country down the left side of the blog, I WILL be coming back for ideas on my Reading Resolution to read more diversely!


Bee Happy and Healthy

Clare writes a lifestyle blog that focuses on being happy and being healthy. There’s other posts and topics covered like crafts. Clare comes across as really fun and bubbly in her posts, they’re lovely to read and have put a smile on my face.


Everything But the Cabbage Stick

Emma lives on Jersey with her husband and two daughters and in this blog she documents their life together. There has been some beautiful pictures of Jersey in some of the posts, it’s really made me want to go. I know I can be put off by blogs that write a lot about children (so called ‘mommy blogs’) but this doesn’t have that vibe and that’s why I love it. It’s just a lovely account of family life, with extras added too.


Fluffy Owl’s Adventures

Amy is another bibliophile! I was very excited to find more book lovers during BEDM. She also posts crafty items and baking recipes as well as experiences of being a Brownie leader (hence the blog name!).


Twenties Chic

Twenties Chic is a lifestyle blog for 20-somethings who want to get their life into order! There’s loads of different posts from frugal living to being fit and healthy to following your ambitions to just things for fun!


And that’s it! There’s loads more I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of during BEDM, this is just a handful I’ve regularly visited. I’ve really loved the BEDM has made me discover these blogs as well as helping me interact with some of the writers too on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for this! Yep, there are indeed quite a few bibliophiles out there, which is great!

    1. No problem! Yes, finding new book blogs has definitely been a highlight of BEDM!

  2. Thank you for including me :) x

  3. Thank you for including me - glad I can make you smile! So many blogs I've found thro #BEDM it's been great x

  4. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I just got around to doing the "share the blog love" post today since it's been a little hectic on my end, you're definitely on there too! :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for adding me on your list too :)


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