Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Favourite Things About Being a Child #BEDM

Another one of the Blog Every Day in May prompts. Today’s one is about the best things about being a child. So I decided to make a list of some of my favourite memories.

-Imagination. Being child, you have so much more imagination. I used to pretend to be a gymnast, doing cartwheels and balancing on things. And you the warning they used to have at the end of the TV show Gladiators? About not replicating anything at home? That message was totally for me as I used to pretend I was playing Gladiators. I used to have a playhouse out the back of my house and my friends and I would bring down all sorts of things, old telephones, books, blankets and play all sorts of games. Or sometimes we’d stay inside and do things like pretend to be hairdressers.


-Computer games. Yes, I LOVED computer games when I was a child. My Dad was given an old Amiga computer and a ton of games of floppy disks. I still have hankerings to play Zool, Rick Dangerous and Switchblade. Then we got a Super Nintendo, we had so many cool games but unfortunately we gave it away once we got a PlayStation. Still regret that as I want my own SNES!



-Christmas. Now, Christmas can be fun as an adult and you can certainly enjoy it but Christmas was so much more magical as a child. All that excitement!


-Taping songs off the radio. Ah, kids these days will never know the agony of radio presenters talking at the beginning and ending of songs and ruining your recording! A friend and I took it a step further and recorded our own radio shows on tapes! I really wish I still had a copy of that today.



-Smash Hits. I LOVED that magazine! So much so that a cousin and I made our own version called Mashed Bits.

Mashed Bits


-Jumble sales. In my neighbourhood, every now and again kids would decide to sell some of their toys and set up a jumble sale on the wall of their garden. There was always such excitement about nabbing a bargain! Also, once a year my school would do a big jumble sale, it was like the neighbourhood one times 100!


-Spending so much time outside. Nowadays I don’t like to spend that much time outside but as a child I could spend hours without going inside. Saying that though, I could also spending hours in my room reading as I was am a massive bookworm.


-Fat Frogs. Apple Jacks. Postman Pat sweets. Desperate Dan bars. Banana Bubbles cereal. When Freddos were originally Taz bars, Starburst were Opal Fruits and Smarties came in tubes with collectable tops.



-Henry Hippo money box



-Zig and Zag. And kids TV in general. Art Attack, Live and Kicking, Power Rangers, Animaniacs, TOP 30 HITS!



-Toys in cereal



-NOW That’s What I Call Music CDs. My first being NOW 36. I still have it!



  1. Agggggggh I'm hyperventilating, I don't know where to start!!!!!!! Gladiators: My sister was terrified of Wolf. No idea why, but she was. LOVED the giant cotton bud game where they had to knock each other off the podium!! My sister and I also made our own magazine, but it was our own version of the newspaper from Sweet Valley High, we made a yearbook & everything!!! I never had an SNES but my neighbour had an N64 and our friends lived in a pub that had Mario on a tabletop game and Mortal Kombat on a machine so we got to play with 10p pieces from their Dad!!! I had some weird thing that used about 20 cables attached to the telly and the game was on a cassette, my Dad sent it from England and I could never get it to work so we used to use the cassette player to record our own radio shows too!!! Still have my money box (they do a new version of it now, my son has one), still have my Kelloggs reflectors, still have my videos of Live & Kicking (but nothing to play them on) and still have my tapes of stuff from the radio!! I remember being outside an awful lot as a kid too, jumping wrapped bales in bare feet and playing in ditches in the Summertime trying to spot Fieldmice while listening to Atlantic 252 on a portable radio and eating Pear flavoured Sparkles ice're killing me here :D

    1. Haha, I knew you'd like this post!! Yes, I loved the giant cotton bud game too, I always wanted to try it! Ah Mortal Kombat, I forgot that one! I used to love it. You should get a VCR! My parents have one still actually, I'm sure my Mum still records things!

  2. Fab post - takes me back! I wrote bout gladiators recently too! It was so good - contenders READY! Gladiators READY! Just seemed so much better lol altho I also remember bein outside loads too with my skipit (a ball on a rope round your ankle) & my bike covered in Frosties reflectors! Watching Top of the Pops to learn the dances or getting them in Smash hits in a pull out you put on the floor & learning the words off my heart to every no.1 song! I never missed the charts on a Sunday for taping, that record & play button pushed down ready for when the dj shut up! Love this post! Thanks #bedm for the prompt!
    Bee Happy and Healthy

    1. I'll have to read your Gladiators post! I had only recently read a post online about what the Gladiators are doing now, that's why they were in my mind. Your skipit reminds me of playing in the school playground, I should have wrote about that too! Used to love skipping


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