Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wish List #BEDM

It’s been almost a year since I’ve done a wish list on here, to celebrate the launch of Frillseeker. I had planned to do this as a topic for BEDM anyway, so decided to wait until the same day as the topic prompt. Here we go!

Right let’s get the inevitable out of the way, the flamingo stuff! I’m a big flamingo fan as many of you know!

swim suit      makeup bag      henryholland

Liz McClaron Swimsuit; Tory Bruch Cosmetics Case; Bomber jacket H! by Henry Holland

And let’s not forget the cats! I just want all the Pusheen stuff really.

pusheenkeyring   cat shoes  Pusheen notepad

Pusheen keyring; Cat shoes by Vans; Pusheen notepad


I could probably do a whole post dedicated to what nail varnishes I want, but for now I picked 3!

No.7   zoya brigitte  butter london bit faker

No.7 Summer Collection; Zoya in Brigitte; Butter London in Bit Faker


Some more fashion and accessory items!

donut  tshirt  trex earrings

Donut necklace; What the Fluich t-shirt; T-Rex earrings

Some things for the home

knives  my little pony  Pineapple cushion

Sorted knife set; My Little Pony mug; Pineapple cushion

Of course, I want ALL the books! I could even start to list them here but a good place to begin would be this list of books releases I’m looking forward to this year. But the pile is never ending!

What I REALLY want though is to get a job. That’s number one on my list, so I can start saving for a holiday and start feeling good about myself again. Things are looking up though in the job front so fingers crossed something happens!


  1. Ooooh the cat vans are so cute! So is the My Little Pony mug... I love wish list posts!

    1. Saw some really cool My Little Pony t-shirts in Primark the other day, was so sad that they weren't in my size!

  2. Right, well I just want it all. All of it. Never heard of Pusheen!!! The stuff is adorable x

    1. Pusheen is amazing! I already have one of his necklaces of him lying on a marshmallow! The drawings are so cute, if you follow Pusheen on Facebook you get all these cute little drawings and GIFs.

  3. Oh but Cat VANS are so much cooler than a job ;) hehe x

    1. Haha, I know! Imagine how cool I'd be wearing the cat VANS to work! I have a friend who has the dog version of them but I'm totally more a cat person. My only pair of VANS are ones with flamingos on them! Also bought the matching bag but gave it to my sister.


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