Sunday, May 25, 2014

Things I Like About Living in England #BEDM

So a while back I did a post about what I missed from home. I’ve decided I should do a post to counter that about what I like about living over here in England.

-Postage from online is so much cheaper! Sometimes even free (though since moving here Amazon and now ASOS have scraped their free shipping to a price restricted one, boo!). Though it has opened up the number of eBay accounts I can order to now. It was so annoying to find something you wanted, only to see if shipped to the UK only!

-On a similar note, there are so many more competitions that I can enter! No more UK only.

-Crumpets. And the fact that they are a lot more readily available. I used to have to wait to go to M&S in Galway to get them, though often they were sold out. Sometimes you’d luck out and find Kingsmill ones in Dunnes. Now, I am solely devoted to Warburtons.


-More reliable public transport. Public transport just wasn’t an option for where I lived back home, it’s too rural. You get one bus leaving in the morning and that same bus comes back in the afternoon. You just had to have a car to get around. Here, there’s a bus every 10 mins at the bottom of my road.

-Happy Hours!! Not legal in Ireland but here? 2-4-1 cocktail promotions!


-The fact that being here opened up the opportunity for me to go to the Pinterest Bread Event in Birmingham, which I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do living in Ireland.

-Bigger library = more books I want to read!

-The friends I’ve made so far. I really enjoy going to knitting club, even if I’d rather be talking than knitting!

-The excitement of finding Irish food items in supermarkets, never gets old. Now if only they had PROPER Taytos.


-The English mix of optimism and pessimism. Specifically what I’ll see during the World Cup, those who really think that England have a chance and those that know they will crash out (1966, Never Forget). It’ll be fun to be here for a World Cup, much better of course if Ireland was in it but never mind, I’ll cheer on Cameroon (team I got last World Cup in a draw, I feel loyalty towards supporting them!).

There’s probably more but at the moment I’m distracted to listening to election coverage from back home!

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