Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

Hello! It's pretty cliched to be writing a blog post today, talking about new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions but sure, just humour me! I've been wanting to post for a while, it get back in the swing of things but there's been a few things that have got in the way. 

First off I have a mental block of being behind on my monthly book reviews and I've just got it into my head that if I don't post those, then I can't post anything. Which is rubbish really, as there's nothing stopping me from posting what I want, when I want. It just dawned on me to cop on and stop using that as a reason as it's not good enough. While I might start my monthly reviews on here or maybe change it to just a round up of what I've read, I don't think I'll get through the backlog. Which is fine. I might post up some reviews of the books I enjoyed most during the year, as well as post reviews over on Goodreads. 

I also started working again towards the end  of the year, which also coincided with turning 30 and so many of my friends turning 30. And then Christmas was upon us. There was something on nearly every weekend and as much as I wanted to get back into things, I just didn't have the time and energy. January should be much quieter and I'll have time to focus on what I want to do on here. I love the posts I usually do in January so hopefully it'll give me the momentum to get back in the swing of things.

For now though, Happy New Year! Here's to a fantastic 2018. Let me know if you have any resolutions or plans for 2018 in comments below

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